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Pieles Exoticas Real
[United States]
Heroes de La Independencia 316 Leon Gto 37260 United States
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Jesus Gonzalez , Co-Owner

Pieles Exoticas Real


Ostrich Leather

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Ostrich Leather

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Raw, Crust and Finish

We do Import and Exports, Wholesale and retail of all kind of exotic skins like, Crocodile, Ostrich, Caiman, Stingray, Eel, Cobra, Python, Lizard, etc. on all conditions, Raw, Crust and finish, We Sell on all Mexico country and We are more than wellcom to all buyers all over the world, Please send all information on all the exotic skins you sell or buy, Size, quality average and price, along with all your company information, Address, Tels, Fax, @mail, Web Site, etc. Please send information. We do tanning all kind of exotic skins tanning in Mexico if you have raw, wetblue, crust material We can help you to get in to finish leather and then manufacture all kind of products like, shoes, purses, wallets, belts, etc. Then export to all over the world, We have a brother company in Texas So we can help you to sell in ALL USA or any other world country. Please contact us any time for any Exotic skins business related.

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